As a Haitian raised in the United States, Joseph Vivens has the spirit of independence ingrained within him. This spirit has led to numerous creative endeavors, including his first publication, Chunky and Friends: Chunky and The O-Beast. As a result of its publication and the subsequent chapters in the series, he has had the privilege of traveling to different communities worldwide.
Joseph has conducted writing, publishing, and entrepreneur workshops for audiences of all ages in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. He has also lectured on the importance of healthy eating and active play in communities of color. Additionally, he has partnered with businesses in the community to promote healthy eating, active play, and oral hygiene by giving children free copies of their books.
Furthermore, Joseph is passionate about inspiring young minds to learn the importance of reading and writing. When he conducts writing workshops, he encourages the children to collaborate on a single project, taking them through all the stages of publishing a book and finally surprising them with a printed copy of their work.
Currently, he is focusing on writing fiction for older readers on his website,, and providing consultation on short stories, books, and screenplays.
Joseph is a writer, and it is part of his being. He appreciates and leverages his resources and opportunities to create positive change for those around him. As such, he believes in the power of community and looks forward to connecting with others.
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